• Ety Rani Sociology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna 9208, Bangladesh
  • S M Imtiaz Department of Sociology, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6204, Bangladesh




Familial Security, Social Security, Rural Elderly, Bangladesh.


In this study, efforts have been made to explore familial and social security for the rural elderly in Naogaon district. The main objective of this study was to learn about the familial and social security they enjoyed in the study area. The social survey method has been employed for data collection in this research. The research area of this study was the Shatoil village of Naogaon district in Bangladesh. Purposive sampling has been used in this research work. The sample size was 100. The findings of the study show that the highest number of the respondents lived in nuclear families. A majority of them were illiterate and poor with an average income of less than 50,000 Taka per year. Most of them could not avail good health services for treatment owing to poverty. Their socio-economic condition was not satisfactory.  Familial security was strong. The social security they received in terms of old age allowance was not sufficient. Only 12 percent of the elderly received a monthly allowance. About half of the remaining respondents informed that they did not get any old age allowance because of corruption. Member and Chairman want 3000-4000 taka as a bribe for creating an old age allowance card. None of the widows received widowhood allowance. The government should ensure the access and extend of financial help such as old age allowance, widowhood allowance, and health insurance for the welfare of deprived elderly.


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